How to Pay for Our Services

How to Pay for Our Services We make it easier for our customers to make payments by: Sending bills with a notification indicating the date due to avoid disconnection Reminding customers to settle their bills through text messages Providing a range of payment options Contact Mandera, Kenya 0711138002 or 0711119670 Brochures View our 2020 […]
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Billing Queries

We give the best Services MANDWASCO pledges to provide an accurate billing system through a well recognized and secure billing process that complies with the best practice billing and bill distribution principles. This will include: Monthly meter readings Requesting customers to allow MANDWASCO staff Raccess to all meters at all times for the purposes of […]
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Disconnection and Reconnection

Disconnection and Reconnection Disconnection Our customer policy aims at discouraging the disconnection of our services, but rather using all available means that give the customer the opportunity to pay. These include sending reminders through: SMS encouraging prompt payment of bills Bills sent to be accompanied by the date due 14 clear days is given to […]
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Customer Responsibility

Customer Responsibility To facilitate the smooth  provision of our services and in a sustainable manner, the customer is also be expected to do the following: Treat the MANDWASCO staff with courtesy Pay for bills invoiced promptly. Avail all information requested by MANDWASCO for the execution of service. Facilitate access to meters for proper readings, maintenance, […]
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Setting higher water revenue targets

Setting higher water revenue targets The Mandera Water and Sewerage Company Limited (MANDWASCO) targets to increase water revenue from Kshs 370,000 per month to Sh8.5 million. The company’s 2019-2023 strategic plan says meter reading books, cashier records data, bill payment offices and mobile payment platforms would be introduced to increase revenue. MANDWASCO is to also […]
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Managing water supply amid climate change

We give the best Services Mandera Municipality water management is now on the verge of a revolution in response to rapidly escalating urban demands for water in Mandera Municipality and beyond as well as the need to make urban water systems more resilient to climate change. Like many urban areas, Mandera Municipality is not spared […]
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