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Mandera Municipality water management is now on the verge of a revolution in response to rapidly escalating urban demands for water in Mandera Municipality and beyond as well as the need to make urban water systems more resilient to climate change.

Like many urban areas, Mandera Municipality is not spared growing competition, conflicts, shortages, waste and degradation of water resources thus making it imperative to rethink conventional concepts – to shift from an approach that attempts to manage different aspects of the urban water cycle in isolation to an integrated approach supported by all stakeholders.

As part of the climate change effects, River Daua burst its banks in the first week of May 2020 and caused immense damage.

The current emergency situation being experienced is caused by River Daua bursting its banks, causing massive flooding around the areas up to 2 kms adjacent to the river. This was caused by heavy rainfall in the highlands of Ethiopia which is the main source of the river Daua.

Mandera Water and Sewerage Company draws water from five intakes along the river to supply water to Mandera Municipality. The intakes are Suftu, Neboi, Haji Kerow, Boystown, Handadu.

Impact of Mya Floods on Water supply

According to the CEO  of Mandera Water and Sewerage Company Mr Abdikadir Tache, “All the intakes which used to pump 2,550 Cubic Meters of water on a daily basis are currently shut down because the entire intakes are submerged and therefore paralyzing running water  supply.”

The net impact affected the population of 25,000 people and 35 key institutions and amenities within the area.

Water supply infrastructure and equipment were damaged or risked due to the floods.


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