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The customer fills in an online application through our portal. You will be asked to upload several documents: copies of an ID / Passport, Pin certificate/Certificate of Incorporation, Copy of Lease Agreement /Tenancy Agreement/ Title Deed/Rates Demand Note from Mandera County.
• Clear the existing bills in the LR/Property or bills on any other existing contracts with NCWSC. Please note your application will not be processed while there are pending bills on any NCWSC accounts on the property or owned by the applicant.
• Attach Property location sketch map (draw on space provided).
• Attach one passport size photograph.
• Attach a copy of the ID card and KRA PIN for the landlord (in case of tenant application).
• Once you have completed the form, download, Sign & upload it back on the portal.
It takes 14 days for a new consumer to be connected. You can also track your application on the portal. For any queries on this process, Kindly call 07--------.

To access a comprehensive list of connection costs and materials information
Yes. The Company encourages consumers to take their own readings so that they can also track their water consumption and budget for it. However, it is illegal to deny authorized Company staff access to water meters.
You should report to the Company and it will be replaced free of charge. However, customers will be required to pay for the replacement of meters that have been willfully damaged.

The customer must have a water account (paid up to date) to be able to connect to our sewer network and be near an existing sewer line.

Download the water supply application form from our website, fill it and attach copies of ID and plot Number
Corruption is a two-way activity: there must be a willing giver and a willing receiver. To fight corruption, customers are asked to report employees demanding bribes.
MANDWASCO has a primary responsibility of equitably providing affordable water and sewerage service through efficient, effective, and sustainable utilization of the available resources in an environmentally friendly manner and meet and exceed the customer expectations.
Yes, the water is treated as per the standards of the World Health Organization and Kenya Bureau Standards (KEBS). The Government Chemist, KEBS, and the Ministry of Health randomly and independently also sample the water and have certified it fit for human consumption.
The Company monitoring team follows up on illegal connections and any person who is found using water illegally will be prosecuted.
Water shortages arise from leakages, illegal connections, and vandalism of the piping system, poor infrastructure, and natural conditions like drought. MANDWASCO promises to continuously repair all leaks immediately.

Haji Kerrow(borehole intake),(Neboi Intake,River)
What are your reconnection charges?
A fee of Ksh6000will be required to be paid before reconnection

For procedure on how to pay your bill via M-Pesa(create a link where can a customer download process of mpesa payments)

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