About us

About us

MANDWASCO is a dedicated water and sewerage company

We serve the great people of Mandera by providing the best water and sewerage management services



Daily water productions: 2,550 Cubic meters per day

Demand for

city is approx 10,000 cubics per day


customer base: Household: 3,200 institutions 38
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Core Values

The company’s core values are the fundamental principles that guide the behavior of every person or entity working with MANDWASCO.

They are practiced and embraced to create an organizational culture that drives MANDWASCO’s vision. The company’s seven core values are:


Embracing honesty, truthfulness, and transparency in discharging our responsibilities


This confers the responsibility upon employees to perform their duties as required in order to further the goals of the organization.


Supporting one another and harnessing different skills to create a superior performance culture

Customer Focus:

Being sensitive to the needs of our customers and all stakeholders and any person we interact within our work


The quality of exercising fairness and impartiality. It embraces neutrality, objectivity, and balance in decision making by the company

Research and Innovation:

The ability to continuously improve on the quality of our products and services on the basis of scientific research and appropriate technology

Environmental Consciousness:

It is nowadays considered a moral obligation for humans to protect the environment from pollution and other activities that lead to environmental degradation. The five major environmental challenges are: ozone depletion/greenhouse effect/global warming/climate change; desertification; deforestation; loss of biodiversity and disposal of wastes have become critical and MANDWASCO will take part in environmental conservation activities

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We have spent 9 years working for one of Kenya’s most diverse communities , we always want to hear your good reviews of our services.

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