Change of CEO

Mandera Water and Sewerage Co. Ltd (MANDWASCO) announces Change of CEO.
MANDWASCO has announced a change of CEO, effective immediately. Mr. Abdikadir M. Tache who has been with the company for about five years, has stepped down from the role of CEO following his appointment to County Chief Officer Finance and will be replaced by Mr. Kasim H. Abdinoor, who brings extensive experience in the very field of water services provision.
“We are grateful for Tache’s contributions to the company and wish him all the best in his new job “said Mr. Mohamed Ali Omar, CECM Water Services and member of the company Board of Directors. “We are confident that mr.Kasim is the right person to lead the company forward and build on our strong foundation.” Said Mr. tache.
Kasim has held several leadership positions in the county and has recently led Elwak Water & Sewerage Co. Ltd in CEO position for three years. “I thank Mr. Tache for successfully handing over the company leadership to me and I am honored to be taking on this role and look forward to working with the talented team at MANDWASCO,” said Mr. Kasim. He commented that he has no specific issues as to the details of the handover report. Mr. Tache asked the company senior management team to uphold a clear vision for the future of the company and are commit to delivering value to our customers and shareholders while giving the new CEO maximum cooperation.
MANDWASCO is a leading water services provider in the county that has been serving customers for fifteen years. The company is a critical facility in attraction and implementation of donor-funded water and sanitation projects and has a strong presence in the county.
The change of CEO marks a new chapter in the history of MANDWASCO, and the new CEO is committed to building on the company’s legacy of excellence.


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