Water Quality

The water quality assurance section (WQAS) falls under the technical department. It has a key obligation to monitor all (MANDWASCO) water production processes up to the final consumer to ensure that the quality of water supplied to our customers conforms to the National standards for drinking water quality. The section also monitors the effluent of […]
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Disconnection and Reconnection

Disconnection Our customer policy aims at discouraging the disconnection of our services, but rather using all available means that give the customer the opportunity to pay.These include sending reminders through: – Electronic and print media campaigns encouraging prompt payment of bills – Bills posted to be accompanied by a caution to pay – 14 clear […]
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Customer complaints

Customer complaints We value customer complaints and we consider them as feedback/suggestions for improvement. Our policy on handling customer complaints is geared towards: Answering all telephone calls politely – Directing the customer to the relevant officers or office politely – Responding to technical and non-technical complaints within 24 hours – Advising the customer of what […]
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New connections

To acquire a new connection please contact MANDWASCO office and a plumber will be sent to do customer survey, Once a customer is certified: The following documents should be brought to office:- -Photocopy of national ID or Passport -Plot number -A duly filled connection form download the water and sewer application forms here: Forms should […]
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