Customer complaints

We value customer complaints and we consider them as feedback/suggestions for improvement. Our policy on handling customer complaints is geared towards:

Answering all telephone calls politely

– Directing the customer to the relevant officers or office politely
– Responding to technical and non-technical complaints within 24 hours

– Advising the customer of what action we will take to right the wrong

– Advising the customer on what part he/she can play to assist in resolving the problem.

– Providing feedback to all customer queries on the issues addressed verbally or in writing

Treating the customer’s personal information in the strictest confidence. In particular, we will not give any information supplied to us to any organization without the customer’s consent or unless we are required by the law to do so;

Enabling customers to examine and authorize changes to all their personal information for the purposes of updating the customer database;

Discussing details of customer service only with themselves or their authorized representative/s.


How to Lodge a Complaint 

Customers are encouraged to forward complaints, suggestions and compliments to the under mentioned, either in person, by post, telephone, fax or by e-mail. A complaints/suggestion box is maintained at the cash office and receipt will be acknowledged within fifteen days. While complaints will be treated in confidence, complainants are encouraged to identify themselves to lend credence to their complaints.

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